Coming Soon!

Very shortly, I’ll be attempting not one, but two new posts. I’ve been super busy the past week (I had some homework that took me a few days, including one marathon seven-hour session! Also, Gears of War 3), so I haven’t been able to write a whole lot, but I am going to try to set aside a dedicated time to blog here.

Speaking of Marathon and Gears 3, I’m going to be writing about them pretty soon. For today, however, I’ll be writing two blog posts that clarify how I think about games. The first post will be about my core belief system at large, as well as a bit of my background, and the second will explain my review process.

I may go dark for a while–Rage is incoming, and I have plans to edit a significant amount of the site’s current content. “The Greatest Game Ever Played,” for instance, is a name I’d originally used simply because A) I couldn’t think of anything else, and B) because I intended to segue into a discussion about my hypothetical ideal game (that I believe is not only what ought to be future of gaming, but where games are actually heading). I think that needs to be a series (or at least a very lengthy article) in and of itself, so I’ll be retitling the series.

Another problem I have is that I’ve read back over these after the fact and have seen a bunch of stuff that could be improved or isn’t explained as well as it could be. My FPS articles in particular don’t feel quite right, in part because they’re only first drafts. I ought to be more careful with my writing, especially since I don’t have any official deadlines.


Site update in the future! Two articles today, or, failing that, one today, one tomorrow!

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