Thought of the Day – Third Person Games, First Person Narratives

Anyone who hasn't played this game deserves your pity and scorn.

So… I’m going to do this at random. These thoughts are generally too small to blog about, but they amuse me, so here they are. Also, any news bits, polls, whatever, will be posted afterwards.

It seems odd to me that Remedy would make games with third-person cameras and first-person narratives. That’s not to say that it doesn’t work or anything. I just find it a bit strange.

Upcoming Posts: Kubrick & Me, Marathon and Metatext, Originality is Dead (and it’s all the fault of creative people) and a video game census. A Thief impressions (I finally got it to run today!) article will be showing up alongside a Looking Glass Retrospective article, and it will likely become a regular series wherein I play old games that do their best to make themselves hard to play.

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