Thought of the Day – Don’t Blame The Game, Blame Steam

What most people look like after encountering this.

Some of you may find yourselves quite angry at certain games. You’ll boot them up, but they won’t run at all, for whatever reason. Often, you’ll blame the game.

You shouldn’t.

See, chances are, you’re doing this on Steam (that said, I’m experiencing this on Thief, so occasionally, it’s just because your game is super old). If you are, you might want to verify your cache files. A recent complaint thread about Rage caught my attention–some guy wasn’t able to get the game or the guide for said game to start. It’s a classic case of “not actually being on your computer.” Sometimes, Steam just stops downloading files, for whatever reason, and you have to coax it back into doing so. On my computer, Steam actually stopped several times while downloading the Anarchy Edition bonus content.

The most important thing you should do whenever you have apparently finished downloading a game on Steam is this: verify the cache.

How do you do that?

Right click the game in your games library. Select its properties. Click the “Local Files” option. Click “verify integrity of game cache…”

You should find that the game isn’t done downloading and will have to pick up some files. Maybe it corrupted! Whatever the case is, you should do this any time Steam says it’s done downloading a game, just to be safe. In the case of Rage, it’s not id’s fault the game won’t run, it’s Valve’s.

By the way, Rage is an amazing game and I’ll write all about it, Deus Ex, and Gears of War 3 really soon. I hope. I did list a bunch of other stuff I wanted to write too. Oh dear.

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