Daily Think: Coincidences

I am writing right now because I have three hours to complete a massive assignment and I need to take a break. Regular updates will resume this coming Friday, or perhaps over the weekend–whenever I stop being burned out. School is dominating me for the next four days. The only reason Steam says I have time spent on Arkham City is because A) I needed a break and B) I forgot to exit it last night so it was up for like twelve hours.

You know what sucks? You’re watching a perfectly good TV show when suddenly someone references some character (“He’s the most dangerous assassin ever!”) the audience has never heard of, and then, suddenly, that character shows up in that episode.

I get it–in tv, you’re limited to an hour a week, and God help you if you try to go for recurring things (RIP Arrested Development and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), so introducing a character idea one day and then having him show up five weeks later might be a bit of a bother. If you were to mention him throughout the series as part of its lingo, people might get a bit confused. Plus, it might get annoying–because who mentions a character all the time without being anything other than annoying?

Still–it’s worse to mention something right before it shows up. It’s very rare in real life that I mention a guy I haven’t seen in years, only to have him enter the room twenty minutes later.

(ASIDE: it’s really annoying when someone tells you their backstory and literally everything is relevant to the story.)

Please, find better ways to introduce things than coincidentally introduce them right before they’re introduced. The ever-so-common “introduction while under gunfire,” is more desirable, for instance.

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