The final Freedom post is incoming! Should hit some time Thursday!

Not sure what all I’m going to be blogging about soon, though I’ve got some ideas. I’d like to touch on the concept of people who only react obviousness (most gamers), but I need to come up with some theories of how to circumvent it. An article on what makes a good PC game might be neat, and perhaps a discussion of Microsoft Flight and Age of Empires Online, or, rather, The Fall of Microsoft Games Studios, would be cool. I’m working on the Half-Life 2 breakdown, but I don’t really want to dig at it until it’s complete. Then there’s Dark Souls and my frustrations with it. I’m playing Thief right now, and it’s cool, but I’d like to get further ahead in the game before I really touch on things. I’ve got a neat thought about it I don’t think people have really touched on before, and it relates to old-school 3D games in general.

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