I’m Not Dead, I Just Post Elsewhere (PART TWO: THE POST ELSEWHERING!)

Hey, guys.

School, and life, have been amazingly hectic. My posting on Polygon has come to an end. I do stuff on NeoGAF every once in a while, but the best place to find me, without a doubt, is on my new Tumblr. My update frequency isn’t going to skyrocket–I’m stuck developing game projects at school–but it is going to slowly begin increasing as the semester moves on. For the most part, it will be freelance work I do–I’m working on my second piece right now.

In fact, I might be updating you guys as to my development projects progress. That means pictures!

I may also be posting a more traditional wordpress blog with a friend after a while, but that’s not a guarantee. There have been rumblings of podcasting, but only rumblings… for now. If it happens, however, that’s going to start in the summer.

For now, school and work dominate my waking time.

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